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Most sales jobs pay you only one single commission for making a sale. Then there are a few sales careers that pay you multiple commissions on a sale. This type of income is known as residual income. Income that pays you over and over again from the same customer for repeat sales. It has been said thatThe sky is the limit with MedX Sales! you get rich by investing and not just by working. Could there be a career that offers both components? Becoming a medXsales sales representative is investing and working all at the same time! Have you ever had a sales job where you felt like you were only as good as your next sale? Wouldn’t you like to have something to show for your efforts 3 months, 6 months and even 5 years from now? After the sale, every time one of your customers places an order with us, you’ll get paid again…and again and again. Get it? A sales career with a residual component can take a little more time to build a large revenue stream but it’s worth it. If you believe that anything worth while is worth working for, then this could be a career for you.

Making just 100 personal dispensing sales could earn you $100,000 or more each and every year in fact, with just minimum sales production. Much more for managed workers compensation sales. Attrition has a way of reducing the number of customers you will get paid on each year but as long as you can stay in front of the attrition rate, you can easily maintain a six-figure income. And that’s if you want to work part-time. Continue to put forth the same effort in Year 2 as you did in Year 1 and the sky is the limit.

Help Us Build Your Sales Organization

Now that you know about this incredible sales career, why not share this information with other qualified professionals? Not only will you feel great by You can manage a sales organization.helping others but for the right candidate, if you decide to help us recruit, we will coordinate with you to support your recruits and you can earn a residual override on your personal recruits too! Is there a limit to the number of people we will allow you to recruit? No. Recruit all the professionals that you know who are qualified. We do, however, expect all of our sales representatives to generate personal sales and not simply act as recruiters.

This income enhancement is an earned privilege by qualified consultants and could be taken away. It is expected that each sales representative generate a minimum personal sales quota in order to continue to earn money on their recruits. For only the first three years, we expect you to generate at least one sale every three months and a total of 8 sales per year. If you have any doubts of being able to make one sale every three months and 8 sales per year, thanks for considering medXsales but this is not the career for you.

You will also help with the training and sales development of your sales reps. That is what the override is for. If you didn’t make personal sales, then it would be difficult for you to assist others. Between personal sales and recruiting other successful sales reps, you can accelerate your residual income very quickly. How bad do you want a six-figure income? It can be YOURS!

The Numbers Talk

Each dispensing physician should bring to you $80.00 to $150.00 in residual income or more per account. This is based upon the physicianResidual Income purchasing between 150 to 300 bottles per month. Some physicians purchase a lot more than that.

Each managed workers compensation physician should bring to you $500.00 to over $1000.00 in residual income per account.

Remember, if you qualify to recruit other consultants, you also receive overrides on all active recruits you bring to Medx Sales.

Many offices have multiple physicians so one sale could literally mean 5, 10 even 100 or more physicians. Now thats working smart.

The Sky Truly Is The Limit! 1

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How hard is it to ask a doctor if he/she would like to earn an extra $50,000 from their practice without seeing another patient or hiring another employee? Without adding extra overhead or any contractual term obligation? What doctor would be foolish enough not to want to learn more? Are we selling drugs? NO. We’re selling money. We’re solving financial problems. Earning more money per patient is a dream come to true for most practices, clinics and hospitals today. Point-of-Care Dispensing; the income solution to an ever growing problem.

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1. NOTE: The above income example is for illustrative purposes only. You’re actual income results will vary based upon personal drive, ambition and sales ability. Other factors include but are not limited to the types of practices sold, product price increases, and attrition. Attrition is when a customer discontinues doing business with you.